Friday, September 25, 2009

A Sabbatical in Unitarian Universalism

by Philomytha

After growing up in a cultural Mormon family, attending BYU, marrying in the temple, and spending 15 or 20 years making a powerful effort to be a believing member of the church, I have recently started attending a Unitarian Universalist church.

This was a joint decision by my husband and me. While I don't consider myself a very spiritual person, my husband feels strongly that our children need to attend church because that's where you stop for a little while each week and focus on being a good person. Or as they say at the UU church, "becoming our best selves." We chose Unitarian Universalism partly because I am agnostic and UU doesn't require any particular set of beliefs, and partly because the spirit of true service and compassion that is present in the church resonates with what my husband and I feel the purpose of religion should be.

My UU friend, whom I will call mev, calls it a sabbatical -- we're taking a break from the LDS church and trying something different for a while. :) She wanted to start this blog to both chronicle my experience and to discuss the different world views of Mormonism and Unitarian Universalism. I expect it to be mind-broadening. For me, at least.


C. L. Hanson said...

Sounds cool -- I've heard a lot of good things about UU.

Philomytha said...

I'm really enjoying it so far. :) My daughter seemed deeply impressed by the fact that they don't tell you what to believe.

Urban Koda said...

Thanks for sharing this as well. I must admit that organized religion has left a very bad taste in my mouth, but yet I feel drawn to UU. Perhaps this Sunday I need to bite the bullet and just attend!

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